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Our Story..

Proud owner, Jerry Orense, has been in the Fire Protection Industry for over twenty years. 

After years of working in the field he had found a true passion for the trade, always going the extra mile to make sure every customer was left not only happy with their quality of service, but feeling truly safe and protected if a fire were to occur in their home, workplace, business or vehicle; and in 2019 Jerry decided to start Main Street Fire and Safety in hopes of providing more people access to the quality Fire Protection Service they deserve.

With the help of Jerry's supportive wife and business partner Sherry and family, Main Street Fire and Safety has just celebrated five years of being in business and has continued to keep Jerry's company values strong and present in every job that comes our way.

Main Street Fire and Safety
Above Code and Beyond Expectations 

More on how we are able to provide truly full spectrum service in partnership with
Bossio Electrical Services 


Located in Surrey BC,

Servicing the Lower Mainland



Emergency Service 

7 Day

24 Hour

Monday - Friday

8am – 4pm

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Our Product Line
Stat-X Aerosol Fire Suppression
Fog Maker Canada
Range Guard - The Wet Chemical
Fire-Lite by Honeywell
Kidde Fire Protection

 Installations, Inspections, Repairs and Upgrades 

How Can We Help You?

Fire Protection Made Easy 
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