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Emergency Lighting
Main Street Fire and Safety
Being able to see where you're going and where the exits are during a fire is one of the most important things.
We'll make sure all emergency lighting units are in tip top functioning shape so you can rely on them during an emergency 


We at Main Street Fire and Safety don’t shy away from tough unusual jobs.


Whatever you need serviced, wherever you need service, we will be there to get the job done not only right, but safely with a smile.


From Apartments to Office Buildings, Storefronts to Restaurants. 


You can count on us to make sure your systems and devices are always up to code and in tiptop shape so you can count on them to go off when needed.


There are few things more important than the contents of our homes, especially the loved ones inside them.


Making sure your fire safety equipment is functional and up to code is crucial if a fire were to start in your home; to assist you in putting it out safely or at least alert everyone to get out in time.

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Fire Protection Made Easy 
Our Product Line
Stat-X Aerosol Fire Suppression
Fog Maker Canada
Range Guard - The Wet Chemical
Fire-Lite by Honeywell
Kidde Fire Protection

 Installations, Inspections, Repairs and Upgrades 

How Can We Help You?

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